***Note: I just found these unpublished notes from last spring. Many things have changed from that time. Daughter 1 and her husband are expecting their first baby and she plans to deliver overseas. Daughter 2 is far away in a communist country teaching English and reaching atheists for Jesus. Daughter 3 is 135 days from high school graduation.***

We all find ourselves in different seasons at different times. I remember a few years ago I spoke at a ladies retreat and tried to categorize our lives into 4 seasons of life. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. In spring, all things are new and we are expecting beautiful things. In summer, we are coasting along, enjoying the pleasures God has given us. In fall, we are anticipating what is to come while still living in the present. And in winter, we might feel cold and desiring of summer, but know that winter will end and ultimately another type of spring will come.

My spring days are over. My early days of marriage, my days of caring for babies and muddling through the mundanes and looking forward to the next thing. And to some extent I wonder if my summer is over as well. Although I feel pretty confident that I am enjoying the “dog days” that are so present and desirable at this season.



But fall is coming. We are in a season of change. We just got word today that our oldest daughter and her husband are now fully funded to go to work in another country, a scary country many time zones away. I know God is with them and has guided them through this process. I know He will carry them through everything that comes across their path, just as He has carried them through what they have already encountered.

In whatever season we encounter, what is our response to be? What else do we do during these times? Pray. Our middle daughter is on her way somewhere! She will graduate from university in May and be on her way to start her own season of spring. Our youngest daughter is trudging on through high school, anticipating when the winds of change will sweep her off to college and who knows where? God does. He is in control of our seasons. He made them. He makes the rain. He makes the sunshine. Not only does He make it, but He controls it. We can take great comfort in this fact.

As I see my children entering into different seasons of their lives, I enjoy being part of them. I praise the Lord for them! I have always enjoyed every season of theirs! I was never the Mom who pined for seasons after they were done. Diapers? Glad to be done with them! Crawling? Nice to not have locks on the kitchen cabinets! Grade school? I don’t need the stress! Maybe you long for those days again, but I don’t. I loved those seasons while we were in them, but I am always looking forward to what God has for my children and how He’s going to use them.

So entering into the fall season brings a lot of reflection on my part. How will I do the next seasons? Will I enter gracefully or stumble in the dark? Can I enjoy the beauty around me while still doing the hard work set before me?

His grace is sufficient for me. His power is made great in my weakness.

II Corinthians 12:9


What a beautiful piano. Do you play?


I know that my Mom had great expectations for me when I was in second grade and she diligently encouraged me to practice and toted me to piano lessons every week. (Sorry, Mom) And I know that Brad’s Mom had high expectations for him as well when this fidgety little boy sat down for his first piano lessons. Mom B. is accomplished and experienced in giving piano lessons, something she did for many years and even taught all three of my girls to play, but lessons were not Brad’s thing. (Sorry, Mom)

But, we do have a piano. This beautiful old piece of history has been part of our family for many years, since our Wisconsin days. There’s a story here, like so many parts of our lives. Brad was at a widow’s home discussing her insurance and he noticed this beautiful old parlor grand piano. He asked if she played. She said no, but she still kept it around for when her son came around to play. Well, Brad told her that if she ever wanted to sell it, he would be interested. He left and went on his way.

Several years later he received a call from the same woman. She said she was ready to sell her piano and wanted to know if Brad was interested. Well, we never could have afforded it, but, just as God does, He had a plan. You know how when you pay your utility bill on the budget plan and they reconcile it every year? You either get a big bill or a big check? We had recently moved to this new home so our bill needed to be adjusted and we got a big check! And, as you can guess, that amount was exactly what she wanted for the piano. A bargain for sure.

So, this beauty became part of our family. It has moved with us to many different houses, claiming its prominent place near the entrance of our home. (Thank you to the many men who sacrificed time and good backs to move it all those times.) When we moved overseas, even though it was heartbreaking, we put it in storage, not knowing if we’d ever see it again. Then when we moved back, we retrieved it from storage and it now holds its rightful place in our living room. Over the years, we have had it tuned, but it is over 100 years old and not tunable at this point. It’s finish is not as shiny as it once was, but this piano has been around for all of our ups and downs over the years.

Brad plays the piano by ear. He can pluck out a tune and it’s really fun to hear. He has even composed a song or two just for me, in his younger years. He has been known to play keyboards in various worship settings, under duress, he’ll say, and only because no one else will do it, he’ll say. And, I did have more piano lessons. In college, I needed a fine arts credit, so my sophomore year, I took piano lessons. I even performed at the end of the year recital. It was terrifying and I hope to never do that again.

However, this is why I have a piano. This past weekend our married daughter who lives 3 hours away was home with her husband. Sunday morning as we were preparing to go to church, she began to play. Somehow it didn’t sound out of tune to me. It was beautiful. Kelly doesn’t own a piano and she remarked later that she felt pretty rusty playing, but I think it sounded wonderful. Such a lovely sound coming from my daughter and that old relic. Every time she is home, she plays and it does this Mom’s heart good!

What a beautiful piano, do you play? No, I just keep it around for when my children come home.


It was a dark and stormy night…

So this is our house WITHOUT the car in front…

Here’s our car, stuck in front of the house. This is why we would park up the hill on the switchback. Our hill was very steep.


The winters in Budapest were not too rough, but our road was terrible in any kind of snow or ice. Neighbors helped each other!


I found this unpublished post from 2013 so thought I’d share it now. 🙂

April 2013

So, I’ve mentioned that we live on a very steep road. It is more like a goat path than a road, hardly wide enough for 2 cars to pass. There are 3 switchbacks and a portion of that we call “the wall.” So you get the picture. At the bottom of the wall is a little grocery store where we like to get things when we are in a pinch. Of course, this means toting it back up the hill so we are careful what we buy.

On a very snowy day, our road is impassable. There have been many times that we, as well as our neighbors, need to park up at the top of the hill and walk to the house. Or we simply stay home for the day! If it snows at night, we often have had trouble getting the girls to school on time the next morning. We have shoveled many a morning, not just for our car, but for the neighbors as well.

January 18 we had such a night. The snow was really coming down. We had picked up the girls from school, had gotten a few groceries, and Brad decided to park the car on one of the switchbacks. We were ready for a nice winter night at home. Friday night is Pizza and Movie Night at the Belchers, you know. There were other cars parked there as well under the street light. Then we gathered everything out of the car and trudged through the snow to our house.

Early the next morning Brad and Abbie got ready to take Abbie to a basketball tournament. They were to meet the team at the school and she would ride with her teammates. Brad, Leanna and I would follow later to watch the games. As Brad and Abbie approached where Brad thought he had parked the car, a terrible feeling came over him as he suddenly wondered “where is the car?” He first thought that maybe he had actually parked it in the garage so he sent Abbie back down the hill to check. Then he thought maybe he had parked it at the top of the hill where he occasionally does, so he ran up to look there.

Abbie pounded on the gate but no-one came. I had just jumped in the shower and couldn’t hear her, and Leanna was still sleeping. So, Abbie jumped over the gate and came in the house. She frantically checked the garage – no car. She ran upstairs and yelled, “the car’s been stolen!” In my disbelief I got out of the shower and tried to see what was happening. Abbie quickly called a teammate who came and got her for the tournament. Needless to say, Brad and I did not make the tournament that day.

News spread of our car loss and we prayed for guidance. The police came and questioned Brad. They took a report, but we aren’t sure where that ended up…

So, our car was gone. Simply vanished without a trace. There was no broken glass. Not even footprints in the snow. Apparently they used our broom that was in the back of the car to sweep their footprints away. (and of course the broom was missing as well.) We were asked if we had our car serviced recently. Yes, we had it serviced about 2 weeks prior to this happening. Unfortunately, car theft is common and it is also common for the service station to allow someone who is corrupt to gain access to our key code to be able to unlock our car. Then a few weeks later, they simply come and drive it off.

We don’t know if this is what happened, but we are pretty sure that, since this is a common car here in Europe, by noon it was in another country being stripped down and sold, piece by piece.

We had some very generous friends donate a car for a while. Then more generous friends donated another car when the first car needed to be given back. Then we rented a car for about 3 weeks. So on April 25, we finally purchased a “new” car and promptly parked it in our garage. Of course, that was a Thursday. We couldn’t drive it until Monday when the insurance adjuster came and took pictures of it! The kicker on all of this is that the car belonged to the church and there was much paperwork and running around to be able to get a new one, as there was for getting anything done! But, God is good and provides.

It’s a very unsettling thing to have one’s car stolen, not to mention inconvenient, unfortunate and simply a little scary. There were only a few things left in the car. The cord to our GPS I promptly replaced by ordering a new one and it arrived by Tuesday of that week. Amazon.UK came through! Brad’s prescription sunglasses were also left in the car, but we didn’t even notice that because we hadn’t had any sunshine for about 4 weeks after the incident. We have a very dear friend who is an eye doctor and he offered to make a new pair for Brad and get them to us! God provides. Then there was the broom, and my fleece car blanket since it’s cold here, but probably the most unsettling was the clicker for the garage door and the clicker for the gate to get into our yard. But on second thought about this, we decided that whoever stole the car was definitely a professional and probably wasn’t interested in our house. They were simply after our car. However, we think it’s strange that much nicer cars also park regularly near the scene of the crime. I guess ours had good market value…at least its parts.

So I drove the new car today for the first time. Crazy clutch, but I haven’t even stalled it. Although, I have only driven it once…


Life is full of changes. Some we bring on ourselves. Others seem to happen to us. But ultimately we know that all of these are guided by our sovereign Lord who loves us.

The Belcher family has been through many changes just in the past 20 months. Let’s see, we moved back from overseas, Brad started a new job, we bought a house and moved in, one daughter got married, one daughter spent the summer in India and at Vacation Bible Schools, one daughter started high school at a new school, daughter 3 got braces, daughter 1 moved into her first apartment with her new husband, daughter 2 decided to transfer schools, Kathy started a full time job, daughter 2 went through major health issues and is on the mend, we sold our house in Michigan, daughter 1 graduated from college, daughters 2 and 3 want to travel all over, Kathy resigns her full time job and starts writing and editing again, Brad continues to faithfully ride the waves of change at church, daughter 2 decided to transfer back to her original college after one semester away and begins her 3rd year. Daughter 3 begins her sophomore year with a bang. Did I miss anything?

Oh, and we celebrated 30 years of marriage on June 22!

Wow! So many changes. We have traveled a lot of miles and done a lot of things throughout all of these changes. But there is one thing that is constant: God. The thing that comes in a close second is family.

Yesterday I looked at my husband of 30 years and thought – Wow, that’s a long time to wake up to the same person! Struggle with finances, raise kids, go on trips, make decisions, clean the house, enjoy meals – all with the same person. Go through life with the same person. Do ministry with the same person. But, you know, there’s no one I’d rather do all of that with. I love him more today than I did when we got married. I guess what I’m saying is that this major part of my life has not changed. (although hairstyles have…)  I’m so thankful for my husband who loves me and shows his love to me every day.

And then there’s God who never changes. Scripture tells us everywhere that God does not change. His love is everlasting to everlasting.

Dear friend, please know that when you go through the changes of life, God will not change. He is your faithful and loving constant.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17



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Birthday evaluation, a few months late…



No, it’s not my birthday. I will have more to say about that in August. I wrote this last year, but it never made it here. So here goes…

So I suppose that my upcoming and impending birthday has me thinking about my life. What have I become? Am I all I should be? Can I really do this thing here in Hungary? Have I done every good thing that I possibly could have for my children so they grow up to be productive citizens and Godly young women? Have I loved my husband with the dedication and care he so deserves? Should I dye my hair? (Did I unplug the iron?)

All of these things come to mind when I try to evaluate my life. I could compare my life to that of many other courageous, Godly and even famous women, but what good would that do me? I could focus on my appearance as I grow older and see things in the mirror I never saw before, but to what end? I could shop here in the fabulous stores in the city and purchase the latest styles, but to only see it change next year?

No, as I review my life, I see a greater cause. I see a more noble effort. I see a higher aim.

There is a verse that I stitched on a piece of fabric many years ago.

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8

In another version, the first line is O Man. But I like O mortal. It really puts it in perspective. We are here on this earth for such a short while. We need to live like we may not be here tomorrow.

Remember in the 90s a movie that made the phrase “Carpe Diem” famous? It means Seize the Day! Well, in our house, we say Coram Deo. This means Before the Face of God.  Whoa. If I evaluate my life before the face of God, I think I will get a real picture of who and what I am. Thinking of one’s life this way can be both humbling and unsettling. Where are you living? Are you worthy of Coram Deo? Do you need to get some things straight? Jesus accepts us right where we are but we have a responsibility to live whole-heartedly for Him. And yet there is great peace in knowing that we are living before the face of God. He sees us all the time and is there to take care of us. Scripture says that He even knows how much hair we have on our heads! Wow!

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
I Corinthians 10:3

So in evaluating and searching for purpose, here it is. To glorify God. Simple enough, right? So, as I think of what my life has become, how am I glorifying God? Did I spend time with Him today? Did I say the right things? Was I nice to the neighbor? Did I spend my forints wisely at the mall? Was I kind to my children? Did I help them along their way today, or did I hinder them? Did I fulfill my role as one of God’s blessed daughter’s today? These are all things that are good and right, but we know the gospel is so much more than doing. All of these things are, of course, the external measures of what’s happening inside.

I can do all the right things, but if my heart isn’t right, it is all for nothing. I realize that actions do speak louder than words, but in our own heart we know if we have done the right action for the wrong reason or the right one. When our children were small, they needed to be taught the correct actions for the appropriate occasion. It didn’t matter if they really wanted to do it, or if they even felt it was the right thing to do. We knew it was right and we believed that, in time, they would get accustomed to the correct action and eventually learn the heart issue behind it. I think it’s true with adults as well. We usually know the right thing to do. We don’t always do it. But when we do, it becomes easier and easier to do the right thing until finally it just becomes part of us.

So in an evaluation of myself, the real question for me boils down to this: Did I give my heart to Him today? If I can wake up and totally give Him my heart, my birthday will be exactly all it should be!

Digging out even the marrow


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We had a truly Hungarian experience recently. A dear friend took us to a traditional Hungarian restaurant. He decided we needed to try something that we probably hadn’t ever done before. And probably something we wouldn’t ever do on our own. He was right.

He ordered an appetizer for us that is not seen on many American menus. And then he had to explain how to eat it.

Three cow femurs were brought to us wrapped in pretty little green checked napkins. Next to each one there was the tool used for getting out the bone marrow, a long skinny scoop. During the cooking process, the ends of the bones are covered so the juicy, marrow-y stuff doesn’t seep out. After they have been slow-cooked for a while, they were  brought out to us! And with that were bowls of toast. On top of each pile of toast was a garlic clove on a toothpick.

To prepare the toast, we rubbed the garlic clove on the toast. Then we dug out the marrow and spread it on the toast. Actually, it was quite good. Tasted a lot like garlic…

IMG_2764 IMG_2765 IMG_2766 IMG_2767 IMG_2768

Some of the bones had more marrow than others. And, as I thought of this experience that I will treasure because it was quite fun, I thought about the phrase penned by Thoreau “suck out all the marrow of life.” I don’t necessarily agree with all of Henry David Thoreau’s writings, but I had to think about this one. And how does it apply to my Christian life?

Am I sucking the marrow out of life? Am I living life to the fullest for all God would have for me? I‘m thinking that Thoreau had other ideas in mind when he wrote about this, but as I recall digging the marrow out of that bone (I could have actually sucked it, but I don’t think my kids would have approved), I am amazed at what God has allowed in my life simply because I was up for the adventure of getting all out of life that He has for me.

We have had the blessing of being able to go right to the marrow of what God has for us. Simply having the opportunity to live in a foreign country has been marrow that we will feast on for a long time.



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This past week Brad and I had the privilege of visiting Tihany, a village on the north side of Lake Balaton here in Hungary. It is beautiful! Even on a cloudy day, there was a breath-taking view of Lake Balaton. Tihany has the highest per capita income in Hungary, and housing is the highest in all of Hungary – it’s a nice place to visit. We saw the Benedictine Abbey and the Echo as well as shops and restaurants. If you look closely, you will notice the roofs of some of the buildings made out of thatch, or sticks. They appear very sturdy! It’s no wonder that Lake Balaton is a popular vacation spot.












What did I bargain for, anyway…



Leanna and I walked into our house here in Budapest after about 30 hours of travel time from the US, and the very first thing I noticed when I walked through the door was the absence of Abbie’s shoes. That’s when I realized and it truly hit me that she’s not here. She won’t come bouncing down the stairs for school tomorrow. See, I now have two daughters in college in the states. Wait – that’s not what I bargained for, is it?

Living overseas takes on a new dimension when there are children left in the states, or anywhere else for that matter. Two years ago, Kelly’s first semester in college was in Ireland. That was great – she was only two hours away! I could get to her if I needed to. RyanAir would be my friend! Then her studies took her to the main campus in the states for her second semester. Now she was a whole world away in Indiana and now it would take me a long time to get to her if I needed to help her! Well, this is where the rubber meets the road with my faith. What does it really mean to trust your children to God? And to put faith in others that God has in the paths of your children to help them along the way?

During Kelly’s freshman year, she needed some help with a few situations, as often freshmen do. There were times when I was ready to hop a redeye to get to my daughter as soon as I possibly could. There were times I didn’t know what else to do, but pray! There were times when I really thought, OK, Lord, is this what I bargained for?

This summer Abbie graduated from high school and I took two girls to college in the states. They are about eight hours from each other. If they need each other how will they help each other? How will I be able to help from here? Oh boy, once again, faith-check. Is it real? Does God love my girls? Is this what I bargained for?

So, Leanna is here in Budapest with us. She has entered a very important year at school, and she has told me she is determined to make it a good year! But when I see the terrible things that middle school girls can do to each other, I think, man, how can I help this child? Let’s just bring her home and homeschool! Right now! And she is not even any time zones away: she is right here under my roof! Is this what I bargained for?

It turns out that it doesn’t seem to matter where my children are, days away or sitting next to me, it all comes down to faith. Does my faith need to be stretched so far, Lord? Can’t you just make an easy way for all of us as we go through this very important time in each of our girls’ lives? Now really, what did I bargain for?

Well, actually, this is exactly what I bargained for when the Lord blessed Brad and me with these children to begin with! From the moment we laid eyes on each one of them, we knew they belonged to Him. As they grow and make choices on their own, the Lord is right there. As they call on us for help, He is really the Helper.  When we made moves over the years, we knew He was growing them just as He was growing us, building character along the way. When God moved us to Budapest, we knew it would be exciting as well as challenging, and He would do things in our lives, as well as the lives of our children, that we can never imagine.

He knows what it will take for them to be the women of God that they need to be.

I have never been one of those Moms who tries to hold onto the past. I was always glad when my girls moved from one stage to the next, as they grow and mature. I would never want to stand in the way of who God is building and growing.

So, this is what I bargained for. These girls are only on loan to me. They belong to Him! I do know that He loves them more than I can love them. And His love is perfect where mine is not. I treasure my girls and know that someday they will leave our house for good and make homes of their own. But for now, I will enjoy what God has for us. A Skype time here, a text there. I love keeping in touch with them as they make their way through young-womanhood.

So, Kelly, in her third year in college, has her heart set on a young man and her eye on the mission field. Abbie, as a new freshman, is loving college and her new freedoms, excited for what the Lord has for her.  Leanna, in eighth grade, is working on trying out for the school play and purposefully showing love to the kids in her class.

Moms, start praying now for the “adjustments” that God will bring in your life. You can’t do it without Him. Just know that the bargain you make with God may not be what you thought it would be, but it will be what He knew all along. 


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.  Proverbs 3:5-6

Volleyball and Track



Today we are at AISB, the American International School of Budapest. Leanna is playing in a volleyball tournament with 4 games, and Abbie will be running in the track meet. We have the privilege of being part of a great school that participates in sports with other teams from all over Europe.

This has been a big year for sports for the Belchers. Leanna is enjoying being on the A team in volleyball. Abbie has played basketball, volleyball and now track. She is also on a Hungarian soccer team where she clearly sees her mission field!

This photo is Leanna’s team praying before the tournament starts.

By the way, Abbie set the new school record for the 3000 meter run! Yay for Abbie!







Lost in a forest…in the middle of Hungary


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At the end of January I had the privilege of attending a ladies’ retreat with 24 other women from 14 different nationalities, all from our church, the International Baptist Church of Budapest ( What a joy it was to praise the Lord together in our worship time and to study God’s word as I led them through Micah 6:8, one of my favorite verses.

He has shown you, O Man, what is good and what the Lord requires of you. But to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

But one of the most miraculous things happened on the way to the retreat.

photo (2)

I’ll give you a little background. Last year on our way to the retreat, for some reason, our GPS took us the wrong way. So because of that, we were wondering in the middle of nowhere in Hungary, looking for our desitination. The road brought us to a tractor path that we most certainly would have gotten stuck in the snow on, but we turned around and finally found our hotel. So, with this in mind, this year we were very careful to watch where we were going. We were headed to the same place as last year’s retreat, Hotel Szepalma (which translated means “beautiful apple”). (

We were doing great, laughing and chatting and having a great time, all the while not really trusting the GPS on my phone since we were burned last year. So we were on a large road and came to a place where the traffic had stopped. People were out in the road, looking ahead, wondering what was happening. After we sat for a while, we decided to turn around and take another route, as many people were doing. This was our first mistake…or was it?

So, my GPS took us on a small road. As we kept going, the roads kept getting smaller and snowier. We got to a point that we couldn’t really see the road, but it looked more like a tractor path. We got a little stuck going up a hill and taking a sharp left. We pushed ourselves out and went along the path. We started to realize there was nothing around us but a few farms and we seemed to be in a forest. We were lost. There are no two ways to look at it. It would be very difficult to turn back, so we tried to trudge on. Cell phone service out here? Doubtful.

We slowly drove past a couple walking on the path. They looked at us like we were a little crazy for driving here, and by this time we were thinking the same thing. We did see some signs that looked like they may be warning signs, but they were in Hungarian so I guess we ignored them! We were all just praying that the road would open up to something larger and the car would not get really stuck. We finally got to the point we had to stop – we could drive no further on the snowy path. Martha got out of the car, exclaiming “GPS nem jo!!” (GPS no good!) and she ran back to the couple.

Now, understand it was a miracle that there were humans out here in the middle of the forest. The second miracle is that they spoke English, perfectly! This Hungarian man, Lajos, and his Dutch wife Marian were just out for a stroll. We were convinced they were angels. Martha asked them, but they said no, they were not angels! 🙂 Lajos indicated that we were driving into the forest on a dead-end path that requires a permit to drive on. He said we needed to turn around right away. So we proceeded to do that and got stuck in the snow. We got branches to put under the tires and spun and spun. Here is the makeup of the 4 of us women. Martha was driving. Niki had just had surgery so she could not push. Ellie is a tiny little person and I’m sure she is very strong but can’t create much inertia. That left me – midwestern farm girl – to push. So this kind man, Ellie and I pushed the car (Martha drove and Niki cheered us on) until we were red in the face and our hands were frozen. We finally made it out and headed back the way we came. We jumped out and thanked and hugged our rescuers. Once on our way, we did find a little bit larger road to take, and we eventually ended up on the same highway we had started on, a few hours before. Our GPS kicked in and took us right where we needed to go.

When we got to the hotel, we landed 1 1/2 hours later than planned. The other group of ladies welcomed us as we drove up! (We were supposed to be the welcoming committee and have all the goodies in the rooms and the conference table set up before anyone else got there.) Apparently, there was an accident on the highway and that was the reason for the delay on the road. At the hotel, we looked at the map of the area that was up on the wall. We saw exactly where we should have gone and exactly where we went. We marveled that we made it out of the forest. And, of course, we can see now the perimeter of the forest, and we were deep inside!

Wow! God provided exactly what we needed out in the middle of a forest in the middle of Hungary. With this very fresh in our minds, we started our retreat understanding that God is able, more than able, to care for us.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding (or your GPS). In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.  Proverbs 3:5-6

This is the recollection of this event by one of my dear friends:

“This story still reassures me.  I can go the wrong way.  I can ignore warning signs.  I can get myself into a predicament that I cannot solve.  But God is there before me with the deliverance waiting.  Why do I ever distrust Him?!”

photo (3)

photo (1)photo (4)

This is the Csarda where we had wonderful chocolate fondue and a traditional goulash dinner.