I know that my Mom had great expectations for me when I was in second grade and she diligently encouraged me to practice and toted me to piano lessons every week. (Sorry, Mom) And I know that Brad’s Mom had high expectations for him as well when this fidgety little boy sat down for his first piano lessons. Mom B. is accomplished and experienced in giving piano lessons, something she did for many years and even taught all three of my girls to play, but lessons were not Brad’s thing. (Sorry, Mom)

But, we do have a piano. This beautiful old piece of history has been part of our family for many years, since our Wisconsin days. There’s a story here, like so many parts of our lives. Brad was at a widow’s home discussing her insurance and he noticed this beautiful old parlor grand piano. He asked if she played. She said no, but she still kept it around for when her son came around to play. Well, Brad told her that if she ever wanted to sell it, he would be interested. He left and went on his way.

Several years later he received a call from the same woman. She said she was ready to sell her piano and wanted to know if Brad was interested. Well, we never could have afforded it, but, just as God does, He had a plan. You know how when you pay your utility bill on the budget plan and they reconcile it every year? You either get a big bill or a big check? We had recently moved to this new home so our bill needed to be adjusted and we got a big check! And, as you can guess, that amount was exactly what she wanted for the piano. A bargain for sure.

So, this beauty became part of our family. It has moved with us to many different houses, claiming its prominent place near the entrance of our home. (Thank you to the many men who sacrificed time and good backs to move it all those times.) When we moved overseas, even though it was heartbreaking, we put it in storage, not knowing if we’d ever see it again. Then when we moved back, we retrieved it from storage and it now holds its rightful place in our living room. Over the years, we have had it tuned, but it is over 100 years old and not tunable at this point. It’s finish is not as shiny as it once was, but this piano has been around for all of our ups and downs over the years.

Brad plays the piano by ear. He can pluck out a tune and it’s really fun to hear. He has even composed a song or two just for me, in his younger years. He has been known to play keyboards in various worship settings, under duress, he’ll say, and only because no one else will do it, he’ll say. And, I did have more piano lessons. In college, I needed a fine arts credit, so my sophomore year, I took piano lessons. I even performed at the end of the year recital. It was terrifying and I hope to never do that again.

However, this is why I have a piano. This past weekend our married daughter who lives 3 hours away was home with her husband. Sunday morning as we were preparing to go to church, she began to play. Somehow it didn’t sound out of tune to me. It was beautiful. Kelly doesn’t own a piano and she remarked later that she felt pretty rusty playing, but I think it sounded wonderful. Such a lovely sound coming from my daughter and that old relic. Every time she is home, she plays and it does this Mom’s heart good!

What a beautiful piano, do you play? No, I just keep it around for when my children come home.